October 8th, 2002


The right answer to terrorism

I'm a follower of Eric S. Raymond's weblog. His latest entry, citing an essay published in the Boston Globe, is dead on target (so to speak) when he argues that the only way to respond to terrorism aboard airliners is to arm the passengers. This will, no doubt, distress the leftists among the few of you who read this, but the experience of 9/11 is instructive: the armed forces could not stop the attacks, but the passengers could. Personally, I do not believe that terrorists will try that again, simply because they have to know that the passengers aboard the aircraft will conclude that their lives are forfeit in any case and it is better to go down fighting than in meek submission.

Of course, it'll never happen so long as anti-gunners abound in Congress. Even the obvious step of allowing pilots to arm themselves - after all, airline pilots are overwhelmingly drawn from the ranks of the military, and so know something about firearms - is bogged down in Congressional politicking. Allowing the citizenry to arm itself aboard aircraft is simply going too far, to their way of thinking.
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Laptop harf

While we were in Des Moines, I found out the hard way that my laptop will no longer run off batteries. Testing today showed that it won't run off the MultiBay battery, either. That makes it considerably less useful than it had been. I love the box, and may well find myself looking for a replacement...since the Titanium Powerbook I really want isn't in the cards for me at the moment (or for some time to come).
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