October 10th, 2002


Always check the mail

When I went outside this morning to put a couple of things in the mailbox, I found that we didn't get the mail from yesterday. Normally, this would not be any big deal, since we usually get the usual ration of junk and bills (and, indeed, there were two pieces of junk: a Paul Wellstone campaign ad that went straight into the trash, and a solicitation from the NRA), but this time there was also something I've been waiting 8 months for.

Nothing much else is happening this week; I need to finish up the boss's computer, now that I've installed the video drivers for W2K from nVidia.
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Dell sucks

Got past the video driver issue only to run smack into another one: the modem. It's a GVC SF1156I/R2F. I found a driver that someone had uploaded to the net, and tried installing it, but that didn't help, and there's no driver available directly from Dell or GVC.

Dell gets its low prices through sleazy accounting tricks like refusing to pay for something that's in their warehouse until it's actually installed in a system, thereby making their suppliers eat the cost of inventory, and by switching suppliers and components in a particular system model whenever the mood strikes them. They also do no product engineering of their own; they simply buy components from other vendors and slap them together into a system. The result is that you don't know what you're getting when you buy a Dell...except that it's crap.

I disliked Dell even before I went to work for Compaq. Working there just cemented my dislike for them.

Anyway, I STILL haven't gotten my boss's system running, and it's beginning 1) to make me look bad and 2) to royally piss me off.
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Iraq, Ozy and Millie style

DC Simpson, of Ozy and Millie fame, has had a cartoon accepted for publication in a newspaper somewhere. (The message mentioned a News Tribune, but not where this paper was located.) Surprising take on the subject, given Simpson's definite leftist tendencies, but quite on target.
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Politics, Minnesota style

According to this article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the campaign of the GOP candidate for Minnesota governor, Tim Pawlenty, may be effectively shut down for violations of campaign finance rules. It's still up in the air, and the violation is somewhat questionable...but if the ruling stands, Pawlenty's campaign may be dead. This does not improve my quandary about who to vote for.
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