October 11th, 2002


Dell sucks, redux

Got two different folks trying to help out with the modem driver. One guy on The Pub, a web board I frequent, sent me a driver (four times, due to getting sequestered on the way out of his workplace!), and youngvanwinkle searched Dell's site and found one that was supposed to be for the modem in this box.

Neither would install.

I'm about to plug in a 56K external modem Paul used to use and see if that fixes the problem and will allow me to install the other software and use it without hopelessly bogging down the machine (remember, this is a top-end box with plenty of horsepower); if that fails, I'll try my Epson Stylus Color 640 printer with XP to see if that solves that problem. My boss, meanwhile, is pondering unloading the box and getting something - anything - else.

I've spent a good chunk of my week off dealing with this pile of crap. Yay.
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Weather sucks too

It's about to turn really cold here: it's predicted to get down to 27 F tomorrow night in Fairmont, and there's predictions of snow showers in Minneapolis. Yuck. It's October, dammit, and it's not supposed to snow yet!
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