October 13th, 2002


Finished it

Finished the book a little while ago. Overall, a satisfying read. Weber deals with the issues raised in the previous volume quite well, while providing a solid foundation to hang two or three more books in the series on. If you're a Harrington fan, I recommend it; if not yet, read the rest of the series first before diving into this one just so you don't get spoilers from it. If you're not sure, cruise over to the Baen Free Library and read On Basilisk Station, the first volume in the series.
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Well, so much for that forum.

I just unsubscribed from the newsgroup in which I've probably posted more messages than any other in the past couple of years: alt.sysadmin.recovery. It seems that discussing gun control in there is highly frowned upon, because it sparks long discussions in which nobody's mind is changed...but that doesn't stop folks from posting anti-gun screeds. It does, however, mean that whenever I answer that kind of thing, or post my own opinions, I get hammered for it. I've finally had enough.

I'm saddened at the loss of a forum where I've been welcome, especially since feeling welcomed is something that I haven't had a lot of over the years, and so I feel like I'm cutting myself off from friends...but I just couldn't take it any more.
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Gun control: a reply

michaelmink posted a long discussion about the legitimacy of gun control in his journal. I've collected Collapse )

No slit trenches needed here. As long as any licensing regime is totally nondiscretionary, cannot be used surrepetitiously by bureaucrats as a way to deny people the right to keep and bear arms, and is not merely a way to sneak registration in the back door, I have little problem with it - just like I have little problem with driver licensing.

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