October 16th, 2002


It's snowing!

ACK! It's only October! And it's SNOWING!

Well, it had to start sometime...now begins 6 months of freezing my butt off.

Today's my mother's birthday. When I called her, I told her about the weather. I also mentioned that we're going to a renaissance festival this weekend, she said "I hope you've got long johns under your tights." No, I don't.
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Merciful $DEITY, what have I done?

I just called Bevcomm's tech support line because my IP address wasn't reverse-DNSing properly. Talk about clueless: not only did she not understand what I was doing, but when she asked me what I was doing, and I told her "dig -x" on a Linux box, she suggested that I call Linux and get help from them... I finally wound up asking her if there was someone there who had a clue, and she apologized and said I'd have to call back in the morning.
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