November 2nd, 2002


Slow day.

The idiot who sold me his laptop on eBay finally shipped it Thursday, so it should be arriving in today's mail. I hope. I've left him neutral feedback, which might get him to reevaluate his position.

A bit of house cleanup, in advance of Paul's parents arriving this evening for an overnight stay. Whee.

Finding a few more bits of buried treasure in the MVT effort, and work is proceeding slowly. There's a big cache of stuff that should become available in the next couple of weeks that I'm really looking forward to getting. I did fix one bug that prevented it from working on the maximum amount of memory available to System/360, a whopping 16 megabytes.

Aside from that, not much happening...Still disappointed in the M$ decision, but we're stuck with it.
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New laptop blues

Machine got here about 2 PM. (We'd waited for it to arrive before going to lunch.) Had a problem: it reported '101 - I/O ROM Error' at startup. Managed to reflash the BIOS, and it quit doing that. The box has the high-resolution (for this machine; 1024x768 instead of 800x600) screen. After some poking, it's working. I'm copying my Windows 2000 system disk over to the one that came with that box, since they're the same size, and the new drive is quiet - which the old one definitely is not.

I was really irritated with the seller, and would have been royally pissed off had the machine had a real problem. Since it doesn't, though, I'm only moderately pissed off.
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