December 6th, 2002


Getting better...

Well, I'm past the stage of the cold where all I feel like doing is sleeping. Good thing, too, as I've got a bit of work to catch up on. Whee. Still a bit tired, though.

The Minnesota state budget deficit is now estimated to be $4.5 billion, up from the $3 billion that the candidates were campaigning over. There are calls already for the new administration to give up on its no-new-taxes pledge in this light, but so far they're resisting. Good.

From today's Minneapolis Star-Tribune letters section:

Imagine a family meeting where everyone presents spending needs for the coming year. Once the numbers are decided, imagine someone taking that budget to his or her employer and demanding that his or her salary be adjusted to fit the family's spending needs.

That is the process used by the state of Minnesota.

...or any other governmental body. Instead, the writer goes on to suggest that the state should set its budget the same way as families do: figure out how much money it has to work with, then prioritize expenditures and spend accordingly.

What a novel concept.
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