December 8th, 2002


Another slow Sunday...

...which is just fine with me. Don't have much of anything to do, don't want to do much of anything.

I took a bunch of pictures of vakkotaur's trolley ride and the horses that pull it, but only two came out reasonably well, to me: the team in action, and Paul and the team. The setting didn't lend itself well to flash, and even though my digital camera, an Olympus E-10, has good performance in low light, there's only so much it can do, even with an ISO 320 equivalent sensor and an f/2-2.4 lens. (The action shot was taken at 1/25 second and f/2.2.) Sometimes there's no substitute for raw film speed. Oh least those two are pretty good.

A tape of old stuff that someone found and made available didn't have the one piece of software I was really hoping for for the computing history project. Dammit. I'm running out of sources...and it'd be a shame if that was lost forever.

Still doing Christmas shopping, nearly all of it online this year. I've got a lot more presents to buy than I had in the past, with the addition of Paul's family. I managed to come up with something for his dad, but it wasn't easy. Just waiting now for deliveries.
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