December 20th, 2002


Vacation over the holidays

Due mainly to the fact that I was on the road so much in November and so couldn't take the vacation I would have been otherwise required to, I had 5 days of vacation that I needed to take this month. As it happens, that was just enough to allow me to be on vacation from today through the rest of the year, so I jumped at the chance. I don't have to do a thing from now till January 2, and I'm going to take advantage of that.
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Random thoughts

It's good to deal with a company that knows your name and remembers you, and treats you well... If you're in need of tights, or anything that stretches, I highly recommend Renaissance Dancewear. They even called me earlier this month to let me know that they were running a sale. Tell 'em I said hi.

ESR found a truly sick and twisted holiday humor site.

Still have to wrap my sister and brother-in-law's presents and ship them off. I should quit procrastinating and get to work...since I need to do it before lunch today. At least I've got them all.

My mother sent their box of presents for me and Paul this past Monday UPS Ground. It'll arrive today, thankfully; if it hadn't, it'd have spent several days sitting in our (now unheated) garage. Mom says nothing in it would be damaged that way, but it's still better to avoid the problem.

Where's the freakin' snow? Here we are, a few days before Christmas, and I expected to be buried by this time. Instead, we haven't had a really heavy snowfall yet, and there hasn't even been snow on the ground for more than a few days since the first snowfall in October. I'm disappointed, in a morbid sort of way.

I'm off to another band planning committee meeting this evening in the Cities. Whee. At least I get to eat dinner at Lindey's again.
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