February 6th, 2003


Take heart, Simpsons fans

Entertainment Weekly has published its list of the best 25 of the Simpsons (and its pick for the worst, too). Fans of the later years will be surprised to discover that the list is heavily loaded with episodes from seasons 3 and 4, and only a couple from the past few years. Those of us who consider that the series went down the tubes for good in 1995 will merely feel vindicated.
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%^&$%^&#%*%& TurboTax

I sent Intuit my money for TurboTax before I ever heard of their evil product activation scheme or their use of (possibly reformed) C-Dilla spyware. I've kept it, and will use it to file my taxes this year, mainly because I don't feel like throwing my money away.

The Minnesota state tax module was available this morning, finally, so I downloaded it. It turns out that it was available, but not quite ready: The module claims that form M1MT (the Minnesota alternative minimum tax form) wasn't finalized yet. I spoke to the folks at the Minnesota Department of Revenue, and they said it had been final for a while now. Armed with that answer, I went back to Intuit, and was told that the updated Minnesota module would be available next Monday. Arrrrgh.

I've got a rather substantial federal refund coming, and can't file it until they finish Minnesota...
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One liberal was convinced

Colin Powell's speech yesterday convinced one liberal: Washington Post columnist Mary McGrory. In a column published today, she says that she was prepared to believe that we were about to go to war with Iraq for all the wrong reasons, and came away convinced that there were good reasons after all. Amazing. Maybe we'll actually do the right thing with domestic support.
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