May 16th, 2003


A quick weekend trip

I'm going to San Diego this weekend after all. (I'd raised the possibility earlier in a friends-only entry.) I arrive Saturday afternoon about 4, have to be at the customer site about 2 AM Sunday for about 6 hours (estimated), and don't return for another day after that. I'd visit mr_fu and his roommate Nakko, but the former, at least, will be working all of the time that's interesting. Drat.

Even so, the trip is worth some real money, so I won't argue.
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Bye bye, Ozy and Millie

D. C. Simpson's Ozy and Millie comic has been slamming the Iraq war in a thinly veiled manner for the past week. This comes after Simpson posted a message to the Ozy and Millie list saying how he didn't intend to comment, and if he did, he'd only say something in sorrow about the people who would be killed.

Enough is enough. This is just a typical leftist screed, drawn and posted after Simpson said he wouldn't. Further, he's already said he wouldn't accept any discussion of the issue on the mailing list.

I just deleted the bookmark from my folder. No more.
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