July 1st, 2003


Now that's service

I filed my application for a permit to carry a pistol Monday morning at 8:45, after passing the class Saturday. I gave them the necessary paperwork and the $100 filing fee in cash, and promptly forgot about it, expecting the process to take close to the 30 days allowed by law.

I got a surprise: They called this morning at 11:45 and said my permit was ready. Naturally, I rushed right over, and now have a (somewhat oversized) laminated card that says:


27 hours from filing to issuance. I'm quite pleasantly surprised. Despite the sheriff's publicly stated unease about the must-issue law, he did his job with alacrity and without the silliness other sheriffs have adopted (the sheriff of Washington County, on the southeast side of the Twin Cities, has taken to signing the permit cards and adding the Latin words "sub recuso", for "under protest"). I'll give the guy points for integrity, and hope that he'll come to see the people getting permits aren't the ones he needs to worry about.
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