July 4th, 2003


Two trips in two weekends

vakkotaur and I are going to do something quite unusual, at least for him: two pleasure trips by air in two weekends. We've been planning to go to Anthrocon for some time now, and that hasn't changed.

He and I got invited to a wedding in NYC the following weekend. We looked at it, and decided we could swing it...so we're going. He's never been to NYC before, and so I'm going along as much to shepherd him around that most intimidating of cities as to go to the wedding itself (he's known the bride for quite a while, although I've only met her once, three years ago). We're also planning to spend most of Sunday before the ride to the airport with michaelmink. The flight gets in impossibly late Sunday, so we'll stay in the Cities Sunday night and drive back Monday.

It'll be interesting to see Paul's reaction to NYC. It cannot be explained, only experienced...
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The Un...expected.

The first line of vakkotaur's recent post deserves an explanation.

We've taken a lot of trips in my car. I've mentioned the XM satellite radio I've got in it before, and it's really good on long trips to keep the boredom down. Our favorite channel, long-term, has been channel 164, the old-time radio channel.

One program they run occasionally is from the earlier days of radio. Titled The Unexpected, it specializes in telling stories with a twist at the end. Since it's 15 minutes long, they usually run two back-o-back. The twist usually isn't too dramatic, certainly by the standards of 2003.

The fun part is their schtick. They open with several repetitions of "The unexpected!", by several different voices, seriously over-dramatized. As if that's not enough, when they're getting ready to spring the twist, they stop, and then the announcer says, "You think that's the end of the story. But wait: fate takes a hand. Wait for...The Un..Expected!" I can't help but chuckle when they do that.

It's gotten to the point that all I have to do is say "the un...expected!', in that same silly over-dramatized manner, to get us both chuckling.
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