July 22nd, 2003


Anthrocon: Ehhh...

Major discovery over the weekend: I'm not furry enough for Anthrocon.

Anthrocon is a great place to be if you're a dedicated furry, and especially a fan of fursuiting or furry art. I'm not that big a fan of furry art, and not much at all of fursuiting. Some things were quite enjoyable: Uncle Kage, in particular, was quite funny on stage, both during his story hour and the bits of the charity auction he did. The Maskerade, OTOH, left me cold. I appreciate the effort the folks who put it on put into it, and the audience generally loved their work, but it just didn't do much for me.

I looked through the art show, and while there was more than a little high-quality stuff there, most of it wasn't what I'd hang on my wall. There are two exceptions, both of which I bought, and both by Jim Groat: one of a pissed-off Red Shetland chained to a wall giving someone the finger behind a sign: "DO NOT PISS OFF PONY", and another that I won't describe here until the recipient receives it in the mail.

I missed out on 2 the Gryphon's rant, because Paul and I were both about to fall over long before the 11:30 starting time, and the line was insanely long well before that. It was probably quite good, but there just wasn't any way.

There were a few interesting talks that we went to: one on practical hoof making for fursuits that turned out to be much more informative than I'd expected, one on furry anatomy that told me more than I'd have guessed, and one on animal first aid that my paramedic side had to attend.

I did get to expose Paul to Philadelphia. I'll let him speak for himself on that subject...but it made me that much gladder I decided to go to NYC next weekend with him.

I'm glad I went, but I doubt I'll be back.
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