August 7th, 2003


A new logo for Hercules, maybe

I've wanted a logo for the Hercules IBM mainframe emulator for quite a while now. Inspiration struck this morning, and here's what I came up with after a few moments in Photoshop:

The idea is to convey the idea that it's capable of emulating System/360, System/370, System/390, and z/Series mainframes, while not stepping on any of IBM's trademarks. I think I've done it. It doesn't look too bad, even at 64x64 pixels:

It does lose any sort of identity of the individual characters when shrunk further, however. I've submitted it to the Hercules users' mailing list for their comments. Hopefully, they won't shoot it down. I think it's sufficiently different from anything IBM does that they won't have a complaint.
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On the Texas Democrat walkout

From Friday's Star-Tribune Letters section:

Getting it right

The Texas Legislature is simply trying to correct a biased redistricting plan, prepared by Democratic judges ("Texas flap / Remapping could start vicious cycle," Aug. 2). The Republicans have a significant majority, yet received a minority of seats.

Tom Lemke, Rochester.

Yes, Mr. Lemke has it right. Waiting till 2010 to correct this egregious bit of Democrat manipulation is unconscionable.
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