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New computer, dammit

My iMac has been throwing system panics at me for a couple of months now. Every resource I've looked at says the panic code:

panic(cpu 0): Apparent UniNorth Hang: AGP STATUS = 0x00000004

is an indication of hardware problems. Bleagh. The machine is 3 years old, too, and out of the AppleCare I bought for it when it was new.

I wasn't really ready just yet, but it's time to buy a new box. I depend on this system far too much to do my daily work. I'm going to the Apple store in the Cities this evening to buy a dual 2 GHz PowerMac G5 with the standard components (the only thing I'd upgrade is the memory, and I can get that a lot cheaper elsewhere; if I could, I'd upgrade the hard disk, but that has to be done at the factory). I'm going to get a 20-inch Cinema Display along with it.

This will cause me a problem with Hercules: it depends on a kernel driver (tunnel.kext, which provides a program access to the low-level guts of the networking software) that hasn't been updated for Tiger yet. Erf. Looks like I get to go on a crash project to do the update; the driver is available in source form, thankfully. Since I'm working on a couple of projects that depend on that functionality, this is a critical update to get done. I also was hoping to be able to build Hercules on Panther (the previous version of OS X) for at least one more release, but that looks like it's not going to happen.

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