January 29th, 2004


The Sealand National Anthem?!

I was poking around a reference page for national anthems of many countries, and saw an entry that I couldn't quite believe. Sealand is a principality just off the coast of England, founded in 1967 when an abandoned British sea fort was claimed.

The link from the Sealand page on that site proved to be unavailable due to download limits, but I found another. I rather like the melody. Enjoy.
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Take that, Democrats.

I saw this in an off-topic posting on comp.sys.hp.mpe (the newsgroup for HP 3000 systems):

As an update, the US Supreme Court declined to get involved in the Texas
redistricting issue, as was predicted, and to the great disappointment
of the Texas 'rats, the November election will make the Texas
congressional delegation in the US House look more like the current
voting pattern in Texas. In other words, Republican gerrymandering has
undone the 'rats gerrymandering. There will be a swing of about 7 votes
in the House.

About freaking time. There's no reason the Democrat-biased districts in Texas should have even lasted this long.
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Mass transit gushing in the media

Everywhere there's been a light rail line built recently, the media has gushed over it. Never mind that it's a limited system, designed for a minority of people to use. They just love spending taxpayer dollars on such things.

The light rail line in Minneapolis is due to open soon, and the Minneapolis Star-Tribune's Nick Coleman wrote a column gushing over the prospect. Here's the reply I sent in as a letter to the editor:

Nick Coleman's column on the new light rail line inspired me. I want to jump right on board. There's only one problem: It'll take me two hours to drive to the closest station.

Tell me again: just what will that multimillion-dollar boondoggle do for those of us outside the Cities?
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