May 3rd, 2004


Off to Tinseltown

I'm about to hit the road, headed for the airport. Got the costume all packed up, as well as a change of clothes and some essential maintenance supplies. I'm not looking forward to getting the suitcase with the costume through security, so I'm allocating plenty of extra time for that. Yes, it's going as a carry-on. It almost completely fills the carryon-sized suitcase.

Not that I expect anyone to try anything, but, for the record, the bathroom scale this morning just before I stepped into the shower said I weighed 195.4 pounds. (Not only are digital scales can't set them to lie to you.)

I don't expect to be able to get on the net between the flight departure time of 11:20 Central and the show, so it'll probably take me that long to unscreen any comments in my journal. Don't despair; I haven't forgotten.

We've got 3 VCRs programmed and armed for the show. Hope the meds take care of my cough long enough tonight...
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