May 23rd, 2004


Two sets of travels

vakkotaur will be taking a trip next week to Rocket City Furmeet. I'll be traveling a bit myself; I won't be driving as far, but I will be traveling farther.

My schedule is:
Thursday afternoon: Drive to Des Moines. Check into a hotel in Clive, on the west side of the city. Meet irpooh and her hubby for dinner. Show them the TRON costume, which I'll have with me because:
Friday: Fly to LA. Appear on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. This is tentative at the moment, but I expect it to firm up in the next couple of days. I'll keep the hotel room in Des Moines so I can leave the other part of my luggage there and not have to haul it to LA, so I can:
Saturday: Return from LA. Change into garb, and go to the Des Moines Renaissance Faire. I won't have much time for that Saturday afternoon, but I do plan to get by there. I'll also spend all day Sunday, and at least part of the day Monday.
Monday: After faire, drive home.
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A new favorite snack

I've been getting caught up on Howard Tayler's webcomic Schlock Mercenary recently. It's about a mercenary company in the 31st century, and is a pretty funny strip that tries to get the military humor right.

One recurring element in the comic is a snack food called the chupaqueso. Tayler gives a recipe for them that can be made in a 21st century kitchen in this strip from 6 September 2003.

I tried one this afternoon. It was pretty good, actually; I'll have to try it again, with the benefit of experience making the first one. (I didn't cook the shell long enough the first time around.)
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A media bit I hadn't heard about

There was a bit about me on the NPR program The Works on Tuesday, 4 May. It's quite even-handed, and examines the fallout as well as the costume itself. If you can play RealAudio, you can listen to the show via a link from this page; the bit about me starts at 14:06 into the program, and runs almost exactly 4 minutes.
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