July 1st, 2004


Hurry up and wait

I've been waiting all week to see when they'll run the segment we taped Monday, and if I am going to be on the show live when it does. We got as close as me checking out of the hotel this morning, only to have the executive producer ask me to stick around because they wanted to air it with me on.

It's now pretty definite that it'll air tomorrow night. I was in the green room for the show tonight, as I have been all week, and everyone with the show told me that they saw the segment in rehearsal today, and that they thought it was really good.

I still don't know if I'll be on with it tomorrow night. They've got reservations for me on two flights to Minneapolis, one departing LAX at 2 PM or so, one departing at 11:50 PM. Either way, I'll get to be home in time to do laundry, re-pack, and head back to Minneapolis for CONvergence - though I may spend a good part of Friday napping after vakkotaur and I get there.

In any event, it's definite enough that the segment will air - with or without me - that I'm going to tell everyone to set their VCRs. I hope it's really as good as the folks with the show say it is.
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Musicians I've never heard of

One side effect of spending a week with Jimmy Kimmel Live is that I've been exposed to a fair amount of music from artists I've never heard of. My musical tastes aren't that broad. I fit into the category that current radio programmers call "classic rock" - broadly, rock in the style prevalent from 1968 or so through 1985 or so: guitar-driven, with optional other stuff ranging from synthesizer to brass to full-on orchestra, and a strong beat led by drums; lyrics at least somewhat intelligible, even if nonsensical.

In the last week, Jimmy has had as musical guests (and, thus, I've heard), rappers Kanye West and Lloyd Banks, pop singer Clay Aiken (who's the only one of all of these I've even heard of), sorta-country (or soft rock; the line between the two blurs more with every passing year), singer Uncle Kracker, and, tonight, soft rock (or sorta-country) singer Lloyd Cole.

I rather liked Aiken. He didn't mangle the one song he did that I'd heard before, Kyrie (originally done by Mr. Mister). Uncle Kracker was pretty good, too. West and Banks confirmed for me that I'm not a fan of rap.

I just downloaded a player with several songs from Cole's web site (warning: heavy Flash, but supposedly navigable without it). Not bad stuff, but I won't be going out of my way to buy the albums.

Guess my musical tastes aren't very elastic, either.
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Another Kimmel appearance

I just got confirmation that I will be on the show tonight. They'll run the clip we shot Monday, and I'll be on the couch to introduce it. When it's done, they'll put me in a limo and send me to LAX for a red-eye flight that will arrive about 5 AM in Minneapolis. I'll get to drive home, do laundry, nap (hopefully) for a bit, then pack and head back to Minneapolis for the con. Yes, I'm going to nap once I get there, too.

Arm your VCRs...it looks like a good one.
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