July 15th, 2004


On dealing with airport security

Laura Billings, in today's St. Paul Pioneer-Press, talks about one man's frustration with airport security and how he dealt with it - by dropping his pants. She then went on to talk about her own troubles.

This triggered a memory, and that produced the following letter to the editor:

Laura Billings' column in today's paper reminded me of a trip I took recently. I'd gone to a renaissance faire in the morning, and by the time I headed for the airport, I didn't have time to change. I went in my period clothing. In that outfit, the only thing I have on below the waist is tights and open-framework shoes.

I had no trouble at all getting through security, as it was obvious I had nothing to hide.

Maybe I should travel like that more often.
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Damn Microsoft, anyway.

The clip of me from Jimmy Kimmel Live on July 1 is on their website. (Click on Watch Video, then select the Jimmy Kimmel Live tab.) Unfortunately, I can't watch it without stuffing a Windows 2000 disk in one of my laptops, then upgrading that crappy collection of security holes masquerading as a web browser called Internet Explorer. No, IE for the Mac won't play it, even after downloading and installing Windows Media 9.

Someone out there that can watch the video, tell me how much is there and how it looks, okkay?
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