July 21st, 2004


New firewall hardware

I picked up two Compaq Deskpro ENS PII/450 small-form-factor PCs off eBay, and then added a dual-port 10/100 NIC to each. When it all arrives, I'll have two identical boxes for firewall service, all for less than $200. This way, I can alternate between them: I can have one running in production mode, while the other is either a backup in case of hardware failure, or else a testbed for newer versions of the firewall software.

I use the IPCop firewall package. It's free (both monetarily, and by the mis-definition used by the Free Software Foundation), easy to install and configure, and very, very good. If you're looking for a dedicated firewall package, take a look at this one.
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They keep calling me...

I got a call this afternoon from someone working on the Howard Stern show. He asked me some of the usual questions, and then said he'd pitch an interview with me to Stern. He idly mentioned that he didn't know if it'd be a telephone interview, or if they were going to bring me out there - to NYC, as it turns out. I told him I was going to be there the next few days; a bit more discussion revealed that I'm staying 12 blocks from their studio.

The upshot: I'm taking the costume to NYC with me, and they might have me in the studio Friday morning.

When this all started, I'd have been terrified of doing an interview with Stern. Now, I'm still a bit nervous, but I think it'll be okkay. I'll do it the same way I did Don & Mike and the first time on Jimmy Kimmel Live: just be myself, and answer whatever he asks.
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