July 30th, 2004


Another Kimmel trip

My August just got more crowded. In between the trip to Austin and the trip to Dallas, I'm going out to LA to shoot another segment or two for Jimmy Kimmel Live. They're also going to have me on the show that Tuesday night (that's 10 August).

That means that the trip becomes:
Tuesday and Wednesday, 3-4 August: Drive to Houston.
Thursday, 5 August: Pick up speakers from parents' storage room. Drive to Austin.
Friday through Monday, 6-9 August: Stay in Austin with friends. Attend the Summerfest ham radio convention and the annual meeting of the Texas VHF-FM Society. Act as parliamentarian for the latter.
Tuesday, 10 August: Fly to LA. Shoot a segment. Appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Wednesday, 11 August: Shoot a segment. Fly to Austin. Drive to Dallas.
Thursday, 12 August: Business meeting in Dallas. Hit the road toward home.
Friday and Saturday, 13-14 August: Drive home.
Sunday, 15 August: Do laundry. Sleep.
Monday, 16 August: Fly to NYC.
Tuesday through Friday, 17-20 August: SHARE. Give two talks on Hercules.
Saturday, 21 August: Fly home. Collapse.
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Yes, one can be a parliamentary geek. I think I qualify. I read the full text of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised about every 3 years to keep the knowledge refreshed. This comes out of my experiences in ham radio, where being able to keep a meeting on track and not allow it to be taken over improperly is a Good Thing.

I just finished going through the refresh, this time with the 10th edition of the manual. Once I did that, I went through the 300-question study exam for the National Association of Parliamentarians entrance test. The actual test is 100 of those questions selected at random, and a passing grade is 70. I missed 11 of the 300, most on detailed definitions of terms. Even so, I'm going to go back and make sure I understand what I missed.

I plan to join NAP and pursue certification as a Registered Parliamentarian, and eventually Professional Registered Parliamentarian. I don't expect that that will turn into anything but yet another set of letters I can hang on the end of my name if I feel like being formal, but it's a geek thing.
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