August 10th, 2004


A really fun show

Doing Jimmy Kimmel Live last night was lots and lots of fun.

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It was a really fun evening. I think the show really turned out well (from what I could tell; I'll watch the tape when I get home to make sure). They'll be on hiatus the week of Labor Day (good thing, since that's one week when I'm not available much), and I suspect it'll rerun then. (Residuals, whee!)
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Sterling Renaissance Festival for sale on eBay

According to this AP article in today's Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the land and buildings of the Sterling Renaissance Festival, as well as 200 costumes, are up for sale on eBay. The current owners, Gerald and Virginia Young, are retiring, and looking to sell to someone who will keep the faire going.

I suppose that's one way to retire...
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