August 14th, 2004



The long drive home was punctuated with a "holy...cow" moment...

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I got home about 8:45, and didn't do much beyond unpacking the necessities and getting the Mac back up before going to bed. I'm not going to do much this weekend, either, except for laundry and packing for the trip next week.
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Got the car unloaded so I could run two weeks' worth of laundry. In the process, I got the speakers inside - and smashed the lower knuckle of my left middle finger between one of them and the door jamb. Skinned it up good. Of course, being right on the knuckle (and the inside of it, at that), and needing a Band-Aid to staunch the bleeding, that finger is now just about useless. (When I give others the finger gesture of fertility (thank you, David Gerrold and Larry Niven, for that nice turn of phrase), I do it with my right hand.) Typing is even a bit of a pain. Hope it heals up well enough that I can wash the costume tomorrow...
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Interesting historical thought experiment

Tom Clancy, in a post asking the denizens of alt.books.tom-clancy to give the Bush/Kerry bashing a rest:

THEREFORE, I, Tom Clancy, beseech the members of the [newsgroup] to refrain and desist from political commentary. It's just receiver noise, and a waste of time for all of us to have to read it. Enough. Save it for the voting booth. Whoever wins the election, America will go on, because as the Clinton Administration taught us, the government has little to do with the way the country actually operates. The personal computer was invented by two college dropouts, not by any government agency or program.

By now, he's probably right. There are very few people left who haven't decided which way to vote.

He went on to ask:

As a thought experiment, I invite all here to say which 19th Century President - except for Abe Lincoln - was more important to America than Thomas Alva Edison. The elections back then were passionate, too. But did they really matter all that much?

Good question, that.
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