August 16th, 2004


This week's getting busy too

There was a voicemail waiting for me when I got to New York: the agent, letting me know what was going on with the deal we're working on. Not long after I dealt with that, as I was waiting for my suitcase, I got a call from the folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live. They want to shoot a short segment, kind of a standard video dating introduction piece. In costume, of course. We settled on doing that Wednesday. Between the presentations I've got scheduled Tuesday and Friday, and this bit Wednesday, and the meeting Thursday, this week is filling up fast.
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St00pid waiter sayings, part 2

I've commented before in this journal about waiters using "we" to mean "you", and how I find that patronizing and irritating. I was reminded of a later irritation this morning, as I was having lunch at Chili's.

"How is everything tasting?"

That is a recent innovation, and I think it sucks. Used to be, they'd ask "how is everything?", and that wasn't bad at all. The new version, however, implies that all they care about is the food, and not at all about the other parts of the dining, for example, the service.

I'll occasionally call the waiter on it, but most of the time I just grumble about the decline in customer service standards.
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