September 21st, 2004


Credibility? What credibility?

USA Today reported yesterday that CBS arranged for the source of the now-discredited Rathergate memos to talk to the Kerry campaign. So much for any notion of journalistic integrity.

Were it not a major media organization, the perpetrator would be liable for heavy fines and prison time under the McCain-Feingold campaign "reform" act. However, that act gave the media the ability to act with impunity, even, as we see here, when they act with obvious bias in a blatant attempt to influence the outcome of an election. Why should CBS be able to throw its weight behind a candidate so blatantly with no penalty, while the NRA's hands are tied? What's fair about this?
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Anyone want to buy a costuming business?

Just spoke to the lady that owns Renaissance Dancewear, the folks I buy all my tights from, as well as the unitard for the TRON costume. She's looking to sell the business or its assets. I might consider it myself, except that 1) I can't sew (though that's probably not something I can't learn) and 2) I can't match colors (and that's the part I'll never be able to do).

I really hope someone out there picks it up. Otherwise, I'm going to have to settle for inferior products from other folks.
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Jimmy Kimmel is really a nice guy.

I'm back in LA, getting ready to tape date number four tomorrow. (It looks like number three won't air till next week, darn it.) As is my usual practice if I'm not doing anything else, I hung out in the green room to watch the show tonight.

One of Jimmy's guests is Chewbacca, of Star Wars fame. The segment they did was really good. The real neat bit was after the show, though: Jimmy came to the green room and beckoned me over, and asked if I'd be interested in getting my picture taken with Chewbacca. Of course, I said yes. It didn't happen, though, as the guy was just plain wiped out from two intense days, and had already started taking the intricate makeup off by the time I got up to his dressing room.

Even though I didn't get the picture, I was very impressed that Jimmy thought of me in the middle of doing everything else he has to do right after the show. That's a really nice feeling.
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