September 30th, 2004


An evening and a day with a real TRON fan

Last week, I met davetronbvg at a meeting, and discovered that he's as much of a TRON fan as I am an Animaniacs fan, and even more than I am a TRON fan. His TRON collection rivals my Animaniacs collection for completeness, and he's befriended many of the folks who made TRON what it was. As he took me home from the meeting, we hit it off, and he invited me to his place to look over his collection. I took him up on that offer Tuesday evening.

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Dave had a business meeting scheduled for lunchtime Wednesday at Disneyland. He's got a pass that allows him to come to the park with three guests 25 times a year, and he used it to get the folks he was meeting with in - and I tagged along.

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We had a very enjoyable time. I'm really looking forward to doing it some more.
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