October 10th, 2004


The Linucon costume: General Xinchub

Herewith, I present the costume I made for Linucon 2004's Masquerade: General Levaughn Matsui Xinchub, from the excellent webcomic Schlock Mercenary. (General Xinchub is the fat guy in this strip.)

First, a full-body picture:

The costume

And then, a picture with me and Howard:

Me and Howard Tayler

I'll post details later, but right now I'll note that the spandex was once again ordered from the fine lady at Renaissance Dancewear. The details are as correct as I could get them, although, again, I'm not as happy with them as I could be. The blaster on my hip in the first picture is a Strohl Munitions AP-130, seen in the last row of this strip. I'm rather proud of this one.

I've been working with Howard to get the details right for several months. I think he's happy with the result. Overall, I am, too.
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