October 26th, 2004


On web page design

I don't have much in the way of web page design skills. I've always done HTML in a simple, straightforward manner, leaving choices such as font and color to the reader. If he's picked a suitable set of browser defaults, I don't think it's my place to override them without a good reason. This leads to a look that's been described as "1994 Mosaic". I haven't felt that to be a bug, personally.

Now that I've got a web site that I expect people to visit repeatedly, though, the idea of making it more attractive has soaked into my 1994-standard brain. Unfortunately, this leaves me without any real experience in doing something that looks good. (Heard this from me before?)

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I'll happily accept design help for the tronguy.net site. I intend to maintain it myself once the basic design has been established, so what I'm looking for is, most of all, a template that I can plug content into. I do plan to keep the basic layout (a simple frameset, with navigation on the left and content on the right), and the fundamental concept of a black background (with, possibly, a graphic background image suggesting the TRON world) and blue text (for the good guys, of course). If a font is specified, it will be something simple and easy to read, rather than fancy looking.

With that in mind, anyone who would like to give me a hand is welcome to drop me an email.
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Back this weekend

I'm going back to LA this coming weekend. They want to shoot something for Halloween. (Big surprise, that.) The schedule is to have me on the show Monday night. We'll see if that works out.
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