November 23rd, 2004


Okkay, enviro-weenies, go buy this

For the past several years, DaimlerChrysler has built a car in France called the Smart Car. It's tiny - intentionally small enough to fit two in a standard parking space - and not very powerful. DaimlerChrysler has, wisely, decided not to sell it in the US, believing there's simply not much of a market for it.

A California (where else?) company, Zap Cars, didn't take no for an answer. It has now received EPA approval to import the cars into the US. They expect to sell about 15,000 of them - modified to meet US safety requirements - here. They'll be selling the high-performance version, with a turbocharged 3-cylinder, 700cc engine that produces 60 horsepower, and luxury interiors for between $15000 and $23000.

CNN test-drove one in New York earlier this year (although the one they tested was powered by a diesel that makes all of 41 horsepower). They were less than impressed.

Okkay, enviro-weenies who hate SUVs and think we should all be driving fuel-efficient cars. Put your money where your mouths are. Just let me drive what I want in peace.
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