December 15th, 2004


A trip entirely for fun

I'm going to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live twice more this year...but I'm not going to have to go to LA to do it. Both segments have already been taped. The current plan is to run one Christmas Eve, and the other the following Monday.

As I noted previously, this leaves me with 49886 elite qualifying miles on Northwest this year. 50K is the magic number for Gold Elite status. I called the WorldPerks folks, and they said the only way I could get to 50K is to get on an airplane.

Since I haven't seen my friend Eric Raymond in a while, and that was at a con where we were both busy, I decided that a trip to Philadelphia would be a Good Idea. I'm flying out there tomorrow, and back *very* early Monday. (The flight will arrive at MSP just after 8 AM.) I scored a first class upgrade for the flight out (whee!), and since I'll be at Gold instead of Silver Elite for the trip back (Northwest credits the membership level as soon as you qualify for it, instead of making you wait till the next year like some airlines), I'll have a better chance of getting an upgrade then, too.

Eric and his wife Cathy are neat people. I'm expecting to have a really enjoyable time with them. They haven't seen most of my appearances, as their VCR is at best highly unreliable, so I'll take them a tape. Hopefully, the tape from the Kimmel folks of my last appearance will arrive today, so I can include that.
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