December 27th, 2004


Still a mainframe hacker

The Madrid trip is to deliver and install a piece of mainframe software for a company over there. I'm hacking on it this week, getting ready for the trip. I'm surprising myself with just how much I remember from my days as a mainframe systems programmer (what the rest of the world calls "system administrator", as there's more to it than programming). My fingers automatically do the right thing when I need something, and it just feels comfortable. Since the last mainframe job I held was in 1996, this is a pleasant surprise.
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Behind the scenes at Jimmy Kimmel Live

Don't forget to arm your VCRs for Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight, for the first of two looks behind the scenes. I'll be in one or both. It's an hour later than usual tonight due to Monday Night Football. I'm not going to try to stay up.
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