January 11th, 2005


Heat good. Broken furnace bad.

Last April, while I was out of town on business, vakkotaur had to get the exhaust blower on our furnace replaced. It's been making noise for a few weeks now, and while I was in Madrid, it started blowing the breaker occasionally.

We had the folks who worked on it last time out last night to fix it again. It turns out the noise was the impeller rubbing on the exhaust blower housing, and it had worn away an arc in the side of it. There were also several melted wires, blackened insulators, and so on.

All of this was caused by the flame being blown back out of the heat exchanger. Guess what that means? Cracked. Guess what that means? Lots of money.

By the time it was all said and done, we decided it was time to replace the furnace. We've got a new high-efficiency Bryant going in this afternoon. Whee. We were persuaded by the variable speed and high efficiency of the system...plus a couple of rebates that make the cost differential over the next lower model reasonable to recoup.

The work won't be finished today, but we'll at least have heat tonight. They worked on it yesterday, but it quit making heat overnight - and it was down to 54 F on the ground floor when we go up this morning. One night of that was quite enough, thank you.
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Mapquest meme

Via rillaspins:

Get driving directions from where you grew up to where you live now from Mapquest. How far is it?

In my case, Mapquest reports: Total Est. Time: 18 hours, 31 minutes Total Est. Distance: 1207.91 miles, from west Houston to Fairmont. That's a reasonable estimate, actually; it took about that much time to drive it back in August.
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The soul of a new machine...for me.

One of my Linux boxes croaked the other day. It quit recognizing the keyboard. This represents an opportunity for me: I'd like to play around with Hercules on an AMD64 platform.

I want to replace the motherboard (and RAM and CPU, obviously), and use the rest of the system. It's in a regular ATX case, and I'd like to use my existing PS/2 KVM switch with it - so no USB keyboard or mouse, please.

Suggestions? How much will this run me? I want half a gig of RAM, at least. The CPU doesn't need to be the fastest available; I'll be happy with the best bang for the buck (which happens right at the knee of the price/performance curve).
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