February 3rd, 2005


"I am somebody!"

(Think Steve Martin in The Jerk, as he discovers his listing in the phone book.)

I've got an entry on IMDb! Whee!

I'd gone looking for a bit of info on Dick van Dyke, and just for grins, typed Jay Maynard into the search box. Lo and behold, this page popped up.

I just spent a bit of time entering more appearances and correcting the character from Tron Man to Tron Guy. It should appear some time in the next week.

I didn't enter a picture, though...they want $35 for that service. Grumble. I will at some point, but I've got better places to put $35 at the moment - including a project that is cooler than hell. I'll tell the world about that one once it is ready to go public.
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