February 16th, 2005


This should be obvious even to a leftist

wbwolf asks, in his LJ:

Why has race and religion become such an issue after 11 Sept when they haven't after the Oklahoma City bombing? Both are acts of terrorism; people senselessly died in both. Both were attacks on the symbols of American society. Someone is falling down on their job here to ask the hard questions; Americans have never been ones for deep introspection, but rather just "do".

This one should be obvious even to the least observant leftist. Oklahoma City wasn't racially or religiously motivated. 9/11 was. Oklahoma City was one guy striking out against what he saw as a government that had declared war on its people. 9/11 was an attack on all things American by those afflicted with a particularly virulent Islamofascism. (No, I do NOT believe that al-Qaeda represents Islam. I do, however, believe that they think it does. That makes their motivations religious.)

Of course, he also repeats the Left's call to "understand" the terrorists. He's incorrect, as usual. The only thing we need to understand about terrorists is how to wipe them from the face of the Earth without mercy.
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