March 17th, 2005


Shot myself in the ass this time

I've got two programming projects going at the moment. One, for money, is a GUI editor for a configuration file. The other, for fun, is a set of utilities to process virtual tapes (files on disk that represent, as closely as possible, the contents of a physical tape).

This morning, I whipped up a makefile (a file that allows automatically building software from sources with one command). I wanted to test it. I blew away all of the intermediate object code, and the final test program, then typed "make". I got an error message that said it didn't know how to make the source file.

A bit of head-scratching later, I came to a horrible realization: instead of typing rm *.o, I'd typed rm *.c. ARGH!!!!

It was only about 600 lines of code, but it was nicely commented and debugged. It'll take me a few more evenings to rewrite it all. Damn, what a disappointment.
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Driving a safe SUV

Money Magazine is running a story that reports the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's lists of safest vehicles as measured by deaths per registered vehicle per year.

Some SUVs are, as you might guess, low on the list - the 2-door Ford Explorer, for example, comes in at 134 per million registered vehicle-years. SUVs in general fare worse than large sedans.

However, one cannot generalize from that to say that all SUVs are unsafe. 3 of the top 5, and 4 of the top 10, are SUVs. The safest was the Mercedes E-class at 10 deaths per million registered vehicle-years. The Toyota 4Runner midsize SUV was right behind it at 12.

The Lexus RX was #4, at 16, and the Toyota RAV4 was #5, at 17. I liked my RAV4, and love my RX300, and now I've got another reason why.
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