April 12th, 2005


What's a Radiohead?

One of the neat things about Technorati is that they can watch all of the weblogs they index for references to a site or URL, and put pointers to those references out to an RSS feed. This, in turn, can be set up as a LiveJournal syndication.

I set one of these up to watch for links to tronguy.net at tronguynetlinks. Last night, an entry wound up there from tucows.net developer Joey deVilla's weblog. (I don't know why, but the link fed from Technorati is incorrect; the link above points to the right entry.) DeVilla's a Nifty Guest at Penguicon (which I'm not, sniff). His main panel is opposite mine (which is now schedued tor 2-3 PM Sunday), and he says that that's "like having your band play the same night as Radiohead".

I don't know if that's a bug or a feature.
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This month's wave of Tron Guy fandom is brought to you by b2.is, a web portal in Iceland. Since I can't read Icelandic and neither can Babelfish, I can't tell what they're saying...but whatever they're saying, they're sure following it a lot. There have been 12411 hits on my page since the beginning of the month from there. In addition, 16 of the top 30 visitors to the site by number of hits are from .is domains, and I haven't attempted to track down how many of the 13 IP-address-only entries in that list are from there.

Who knows? Perhaps I've got enough of a following there that someone will bring me over for an appearance...
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