April 17th, 2005


A quick upgrade

It was time to upgrade thebrain to run current versions of the system software. Since this is the main production server here - all email, all web service, and all news reading is done from that box - I was a bit nervous about it, but the job wasn't difficult.

thebrain runs Gentoo Linux. When I upgraded the packages database, it told me that the profile I had been using was obsolete and would be removed in the future. I switched to the new profile, ran emerge system, and waited. That rebuilt 61 packages, and took about 6 hours. I spent another 30 minutes going through the various configuration files it wanted to upgrade, applying most updates, rejecting a few, merging in customizations to a few more.

Then, it was time to reboot. The system had been up for 117 days and 12 hours by that point. It came down cleanly, but didn't come up the first time: it hung early in the initialization process. I cursed, and rebooted it in single-user mode, which came up fine. I rebooted it again in multiuser mode, and it came up fine again. I'm a bit nervous about that, but if it won't fail, it's kinda hard to fix.

I'll wait till I get back from Penguicon to copy the installation over to my backup hard disk. Right now, I'd rather have it to fall back on.
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Refamiliarization with the tools

I spent some time this evening getting familiar with the sewing machine again. With the book in hand this time, I didn't have to struggle with things like loading the bobbin and such...and I did several repairs that had been outstanding for a while. I'm feeling comfortable enough to tackle the big project. Look out, world...
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