June 2nd, 2005


Kersten's not going to always be right

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has signed up a new columnist, Katherine Kersten. Judging from the columns she's written so far, Ms. Kersten appears to not be the STrib's usual raving left-wing loonie. It'll be interesting reading someone on their opinion page who doesn't consistently make my teeth grind.

Nevertheless, she's not always right, either. In today's column, she argues that marriage should be defined as one man, one woman on family stability grounds. Collapse )
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The mainframe geek strikes again

I actually own two real mainframes. They're both coprocessor boards for Micro Channel systems, but they're real IBM mainframe processors and run real IBM code. I've used one, a P/390, for the past few years. This one runs reasonably recent mainframe operating systems, and is reasonably fast.

The other is a P/370. This was the previous generation, and the first board of its kind that ran real IBM software with no modifications needed. (IBM made two prior boards, the XT/370 and AT/370, but those required major modifications to the OS running on them.) I was given the P/370 many years ago by a guy who didn't need it any more once Hercules got good enough to fulfill his requirements. I retired it when I got the P/390, as well as the computer it resided in.

Both boards need a host system to provide I/O and such. The usual system was a PS/2 running OS/2, but they also could be installed in an RS/6000 running AIX. The P/370 needs a system with AIX 3.2.5, dating from 1994; the P/390 will run up through AIX 4.3.3, from 2000. Because of this, only one of my RS/6000s will work with the P/370.

I got the old system reloaded a couple of nights ago, and finally got the P/370 running a little while ago. I'm taking a full system backup now. Next time I find myself needing to reload the box, I won't have to work anywhere near as hard.

I've got another RS/6000 coming soon, and have a P/390 board to stuff in it as well. The datacenter will then have 3 real (non-emulated) mainframes, as well as a lot of other stuff. Whee.
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