June 13th, 2005


A day of writiing

I'm in the middle of a raging war in a Texas amateur radio organization. The details are arcane to non-hams, but the war is being waged through mail, in the courts, and on the net.

The other side put up a web site early last week, http://www.texasvotebymail.info . When I looked at it, my question was "how many lies can you pack into one page?". I decided I had to respond. The result can be seen at http://www.gangofthree.info .

One irritation came out if that: I got the animated .GIF done, but it won't display on the top of the page in Safari. Grumble. Safari apparently has issues with animated ,GIFs; another one on kinkyturtle's icon page crashes Safari whenever it tries to display it.
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