June 23rd, 2005


What are they smoking?

I got pointed to the LJ of one of the Gang of Three. In her latest entry, km5r says:

Ham politics have been fun, as well. We've got the upper hand in the latest Texas VHF FM Society saga - hopefully we can get the idiots out of office, and get people involved who really want the society to succeed - not that are in it for their own ego.

I don't know what they're smoking, but if they truly think they have the upper hand, then they're in for a real disappointment in August. I just posted another update to the Gang of Three website, demolishing another of their arguments. They don't have any left that I can find, aside from their motherhood-and-apple-pie ravings.
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Scan this, Ford!

In a story linked from Slashdot, the Wall Street Journal reports that corporations are beginning to pay companies to scan weblogs to help them decide on products and advertising. In that article, they quote one guy as saying that "companies used to dismiss vocal complaints from one or two consumers as an aberration. But now, they have to pay attention because now those complainers may have blogs."

I've had a rant about my terrible experience with a Ford product up for nearly a decade - pretty much as long as I've had any presence on the web. I doubt anyone at Ford has seen it, or has cared much about it if they had. Even so, I'll take this opportunity to say that I will never again give the Ford Motor Company any of my money, directly or indirectly. Their vehicles suck and their customer service is nonexistent.
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If you expect me to follow rules, tell me about them!

I have been involved in a vigorous discussion on a mailing list with some of the Gang of Three's supporters today. This evening, I got an email from the list moderator saying I'd been removed from the list for violating the list's rules. Only one problem: the rules he cited were never sent to me, either in the list information page, or in the welcome message sent to new list subscribers. He's since added them to the info page.

As I've said before, if I make mistakes, I'll own up to them. I posted an apology to the list a few moments ago. The moderator won't tell me if he's making anyone else do the same. One of the rules is "no personal attacks", and that one got broken lots of times today by others. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

I'll follow any reasonable rules the owner of a list sets forth - but I have to know about them first! (If I consider the rules unreasonable, I'll simply sign off.) In the future, if someone posts a personal attack on the list about me, I intend to hold the list moderator to his policy.
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