June 30th, 2005


More Opteron musings

With some help from youngvanwinkle's guide to AMD 64-bit CPUs, I've gone looking for parts for a nice Hercules engine. This system will be a compute engine only, and not on my desktop at all (it'll live in the machine room behind a PS/2 KVM switch, so I need PS/2 keyboard and mouse). I don't care about blazing graphics performance. I'll install Gentoo on it, building from stage 1.

Here's what I've come up withCollapse )

I dunno if I'll buy it right away, but at least a good fast box isn't out of reach.
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One argument against "intelligent design"

University of Washington psychology professor David P. Barash tosses this out in a commentary reprinted in today's Minneapolis Star-Tribune on the problems with the "theory" of intelligent design":

If God is the designer, and we are created in his image, does that mean he has back problems, too?

I can't stop giggling at the image.
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The rest of the pretest

Just finished the pretests for parts IV and V of the NAP Registered Parliamentarian exam. Got an 85 on part IV and an 89 on part V.

Now, I need to find someone to supervise the test, and get it scheduled. I've sent email to the local library, asking if they'd supervise it, as allowed in the test procedures. Beyond that, I'll have to hunt around for a "community leader", whatever that means, or else drive up to the Cities.
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