July 23rd, 2005


Heat management

The biggest heat source in the machine room is thebrain. It's an Alphaserver 4000 running Gentoo Linux, with two 400 MHz Alpha 21164A processors, a gigabyte of RAM, and a 7-drive RAID array configured with 6 drives in a RAID 5 and one hot spare. The machine is intended to be the one server facing the Internet, and as such runs 24x7. It puts out a lot of heat.

I finally bowed to the inevitable, and it's going to get moved to the basement. I went to IKEA yesterday and bought another Ivar shelf unit. Both firewall boxes, the Alphaserver with drive box, and a couple of other things are going on it. The 1500 VA UPS is also moving down there. Hopefully, that will remove a major heat source from upstairs, and help with bringing its temperature down closer to the first floor. Right now, there's about a 9 degree F difference between the first and second floors.
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