September 15th, 2005


No problems on Northwest

Didn't have any problems on my trip on Northwest. They did have a mechanic fix some seat back issues on the flight to Newark, but that didn't delay things much, and the guy seemed professional and competent.

Northwest filed for bankruptcy yesterday. I hope AMFA gets what they deserve: thrown out of the company entirely. They tried to bring it down and failed.
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ping irpooh

There's a sound man story on the Power Line weblog, which has run a couple of tributes to Mel Torme in the past day or so. I saw that, and thought of your experiences in the area...
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I couldn't pass this one up...

I was playing around with Google Blog Search, and spotted this quiz in an entry. You'll see why I couldn't pass it up...

Your Cosplay NO-BOX by tristencitrine
Favorite Costume
Walking around with a signcathyr19355
Camera Hogyakko
The next TRON guyneuracnu
Not ANOTHER Sailor Senshitimmowarner
FFX-2 Cosplayer #9234572rillaspins
Entirely TOO good at Crossplaymichaelmink
No one knows what you're dressed asfionacat
Cardboard Gundamkm5r
FIRST cosplayer of newest Squaresoft gameokkaywarner
Secretly writes Man-Faye Fanfictionhubcity
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