December 26th, 2005


Home for Christmas

vakkotaur and I went to visit my family for Christmas. We flew down there Thursday, and home yesterday. While we were there, we visited kinkyturtle, and indulged in some more good Texas cuisine.

I'm not going to rehash the troubles we had with AirTran; see Paul's LJ for that. We did get to drive across Houston with the convertible top on the rented Chrysler Sebring down. It was only slightly more noisy than with the top up. (No insulation in the top at all.)

Paul's not too comfortable in Houston traffic. I tweaked his nose about this once: On the way from the airport to the nearest James Coney Island for some yummy Texas chili cheese dogs, I was driving on the Gulf Freeway, and noticed a hole in the traffic I needed to get into. I let out a "Banzaiii!!!", accelerated, and zipped into the hole. Paul wasn't too thrilled about that.

My nephew is now two years old. I don't deal well with noisy kids, and this one certainly was - but I managed to hold my temper. I surprised myself with that.

The loot was useful and portable: a couple of computer geek T-shirts, an iTunes gift card, a ceramic cow and snowman thingy, and an AmEx gift card. Wheeeeee. My last gift hasn't arrived yet. I need to mail my nephew's presents, since I forgot them as I was leaving Fairmont last week.

I've got some work that needs doing the rest of the week, so at least I won't get too bored.
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Canada doesn't have gun violence, right?


What do you want to bet that the gun used in the shooting will turn out to be unregistered? Of course, this will just lead to more calls for gun bans, totally ignoring that criminals don't care if they use a banned weapon while committing a crime...
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