December 27th, 2005


Microsoft sucks. Film at 11.

I've created a letterhead to use for my parliamentary work. Since I use Microsoft Word X for the Mac, I used its template facility to set up a template that I could use for that purpose and make things easier. Great, right?

Wrong. If I create a document from a template I created, it insists on saving that document as a template. I cannot find a way to save it as a regular document. Changing the extension from .dot to .doc doesn't do the job; Word still sees it as a template, and insists on saving it as one.

Damn, but that's annoying. Of course, I can't get help on that at all...
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2006 is filling up fast!

I've been keeping track of my planned weekends in 2006. The last half of April, through the beginning of July, are getting really full, between ham radio, parliamentary conventions, SF and furry cons, and miscellaneous other things. I'm planning to go to the Dayton Hamvention for the first time, after being a ham for 35 years. The biggest decision right now is Memorial Day weekend: should I go with vakkotaur to Rocket City Furmeet, or stay closer to home and go to CostumeCon 24? Decisions, decisions.
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