January 12th, 2006


First atttempt went wrong...

As howardtayler has noted, he and I have gone in together on a new site. chupaqueso.com is the place to find out all about Howard's culinary creation, the chupaqueso: cheese and other yummy stuff in a fried cheese shell. Howard's doing a lot of the content, I'm doing some content, I'm hosting the site alongside tronguy.net, and he's handling the advertising.

So, I went to fulfill some of my content responsibility. Howard invented the chupaqueso, but I engineered it, so it falls to me to explain the process. While text is good, pictures are better. To that end, I made a chupaqueso this afternoon, and took pictures all the way through.

I forgot I had the camera set to disable the flash. Drat. The pictures came out blurry. I guess I'll just have to make more.
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