February 28th, 2006


New showerhead nuisances

Our bathtub was originally installed with no shower head. A previous owner installed an add-on faucet with diverter and connection for a handheld shower on a hose. This was long enough ago that it needs replacing.

We bought a new shower head last Saturday while we were in Mankato doing other things. I decided to install it this morning. This involves screwing a bracket to the wall and hooking up the new head.

I wanted to replace the hose. The new head came with a new hose. The new hose couplings are wrong, somehow, despite being packaged with the head: they won't screw on tightly enough to keep the thing from leaking. Fine. Use the old hose. No leaks.

Grab screws from the junk box. Try to use the power screwdriver to run them in. No juice. Grumble. Try to turn them by hand. Not sharp enough. Need to drill pilot hole. I am not standing in the bathtub with a power drill plugged into the wall, thank you very much. Locate the cordless drill. No juice. Grumble.

The drill is plugged in and charging, and I'm waiting. I'm going to take a shower with the new head, dammit.
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