April 2nd, 2006


Strike three for one waitress

vakkotaur and I went for breakfast at the local Perkins, as we usually do on Sunday morning. We've come to expect so-so service there, with waitstaff who nearly always commit the "How's everything tasting?" silliness, but it's the best option for breakfast in Fairmont.

This morning, not only did our waitress ask the st00pid question, and use "we" to mean "you", but she also did something that really irritated me. Perkins' breakfast combos include two eggs. I always order 3 (and expect to get charged for the third). I did so this morning. My order came with two. When the waitress returned, I told her I'd ordered three.

"Well, that only comes with two."

"I know. I ordered an extra one."

"Oh. Would you like me to get it for you?"

Grumble. If you're not sure about my order, confirm it. Don't just assume I don't know what I'm doing and silently ignore the request.
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